Sportcenter Bezdecin

Operating rules

Every visitor is obligated to read this document before his/her visit to the premises and to abide by the rules contained in this document.
This document sets out the regulations on conditions of entry and use of facilities within the Sports Centre. It also regulates the use of the online booking system.



1) Entry into the Sports Centre

a) Entry into the buildings of the centre and use of the parking spaces is allowed only during opening hours of the Sports Centre and only to those who have a valid booking in the system or intend to visit the premises for the purpose of using the services. A 500 CZK fee will be charged for using the parking facilities outside opening hours or without a booking.

b) Children up to the age of 10 may enter the premises and use the facilities of the Sports Centre only while accompanied by a person over the age of 18.

All or part of the Sports Centre premises may be used at certain hours or days exclusively for needs of the Sports Centre’s tennis club or for other private social events only open to invited guests.

2) Entry ban

a) An entry ban applies to the Sports Centre premises for persons suffering from any infectious disease that could endanger the health of other visitors. The main concerns are over infectious, skin diseases and other similar conditions.

b) People under influence of alcohol or narcotics are also banned from entering the premises.

c) Any person who does not heed the instructions of the Sports Centre staff, breaks the rules contained in this document or keeps breaking them even after a warning may be expelled from the premises without a refund for a paid booking.

3) Bans applying within the Sports Centre premises and facilities.

a) Smoking outside of designated smoking areas.

b) Carrying of sharp items and objects. Bringing items made of glass that may break and cause harm to others into the sports facilities.

c) Moving and relocating furniture, benches and other movable objects within premises of the Sports Centre without the authorization of the Sports Centre staff.

4) Visitors and customers are also required to follow these operating rules and respect the information provided below

a) The Sports Centre and its staff take no responsibility for any valuables and other items that visitors place in lockers, leave in the changing rooms, vehicles or elsewhere on the Sports Centre premises.

b) Visitors and customers alike are required to use the Sports centre’s facilities and equipment in a way that does not cause damage to the facilities and equipment. This includes but is not limited to the sporting areas, changing rooms, toilets, etc.

c) Every visitor is required to pay for any damage he/she causes to the property of the Sports centre.

d) Every visitor is required to ensure his/her own safety. The Sports Centre does not take any responsibility for any harm or injury suffered by visitors caused by their own carelessness or by ignoring the internal rules and regulations of this establishment.

e) Every visitor is required to unconditionally follow the instructions of the Sports Centre staff, which is personally responsible for the operation of the establishment, for the safety of visitors and enforcement of rules contained in this document.

f) Lockers are provided to visitors free of charge, however should a visitor wish to lock his/her locker, he/she has to use his/her own lock. Visitors are not allowed to occupy lockers after leaving the Sports Centre. After use, the locker has to remain empty and clean. The Sports Centre does not take any responsibility for the loss or damage caused to the locks.

5) Entry to sports facilities

a) Entry to sports facilities is allowed exclusively to players.

b) Entry is allowed only in clean and adequate footwear. Squash and badminton courts can be entered only in footwear with light coloured soles or footwear marked as: “Non-marking shoes”. Players can enter tennis courts only in tennis footwear. It is forbidden to enter courts in the same footwear worn outside, this footwear must be left in the changing room.

c) Only non-alcoholic beverages in plastic or tin cans can be brought to the courts, it is not allowed to bring glass bottles.

d) Please follow basic hygiene rules, it is strictly forbidden to spit, blow your nose or exude any other bodily fluids onto the surfaces of the sport facilities.

e) Please enter the sport facilities (courts) at the time of your booking, not earlier. 1 booking lasts 55 minutes. The sport facility should be left 5 minutes before the end of the period for which the facility was reserved. If you would like to prolong the booking, you have to inform the staff at the reception beforehand..

f) Please be considerate to other visitors, if you are crossing through court that is occupied:

- Choose the shortest possible route to cross

- Wait until a point is played before crossing the court

- If you are in a group, please cross uniformly together

g) Anyone else accompanying the players except for the players themselves is forbidden to enter the court area.

h) Entry to courts is allowed only after the booking payment is made. Those visitors that do not follow this rule will be expelled from the premises.


All the premises (with the exception of the toilets and changing rooms) are under 24 hour CCTV surveillance. All movement within the Sports Centre facilities is recorded digitally. The recordings are available to the Sports Centre staff and management for the statutory period.

8) Conclusion

We believe that respecting these rules will allow you and other guests to have a pleasant time and enjoy your sports experience at the Sports Centre. We wish you all the best in your sporting endeavour. In case you would have any questions, please do no hesitate to contact the Sports Centre staff.

Ivana Pecakova – Manager

Booking System

a) The booking system is meant to provide a clear overview of bookings of individual sporting facilities. This system records and makes the booking as requested by the Sports Centre guests. In case a guest wishes to make a booking on the phone, he/she has to give the Sports Centre staff his/her name, valid telephone number and valid email address. The booking can not be made without this information. Once our staff receives this information they will make the booking in the booking system for you.

b) The prices of the sport facilities are available on the Sports Centre website or from the staff. The prices are fixed and non-negotiable, and include the VAT as laid down by Czech tax law. If requested, a receipt confirming the booking payment will be handed over to the customer. Renting service of rackets is also charged according to the price list which is available at the desk and from the staff. Balls and other sporting accessories, except for rackets, can not be rented, but can be purchased at the desk.

c) In case a customer cancels his/her booking 24 hours prior to the start of his/her booking time, there is no penalty and no fee will be charged.

d) The price list can be accessed on the Sports Centre website.

e) Cancelling of the booking later than 24 hours before its start is not possible, neither through the booking system nor at the desk. Failure to cancel the booking promptly or failure to arrive and pay for the booking will be tolerated without a penalty only once per summer/winter season. Should this happen again, the staff will block access to the booking system for the entire season, or until the due amount is paid. Once the debt is paid the staff will renew access to the booking system.


  • The Staff cannot cancel the booking 0-24 hours prior to the beginning of the booking, the booking must be cancelled earlier.
  • The staff may prevent entry to any person that has an outstanding debt with this establishment even when he/she goes to play with a customer who is debt free.
  • The staff has a right to remove duplicate user accounts of debtors in the registration system and to deny entry to anyone who abuses the registration system in any way (for instance the aforementioned duplicate user accounts)
  • In case a user account is blocked, the user may not make a booking for any sort of sport facility within the Sports Centre premises.